Well, it’s another day of Biblical Archaeology and the archaeologists have found more archaeological evidence for the Bible! Check it out!

Read it in this link right here:

Here’s a picture of it to prove it!


It’s 2,700 years old. A reference to Jerusalem 2,700 years old. So, this is the earliest reference to Jerusalem in history, correct?

As much as I love Biblical archaeology, and this does in fact help corroborate the Bible, this is just not the very first reference to Jerusalem. A ton of outlets are claiming that it is even though it isn’t. Jerusalem is recorded 3,300-3,400 years ago, at least 600 years before this reference, in the Amarna Tablets. Technically, it’s spelled Urusalim in the Amarna Tablets, but Scholars still know it means Jerusalem. I suppose, because of this variant spelling, technically this manuscript is the first unequivocal reference to Jerusalem, or perhaps the earliest reference in Hebrew, even though it isn’t the earliest in general. This discovery was made a few days ago. Like 3 days or something. At least we have even more evidence for the Bible know (even though there have been around 4-5 major discoveries in the last three months alone that each verify a serious major Biblical narrative to be historical… you can send me an e-mail if you want to know about them, that are of course much more serious than this one).

You might be thinking as well, that these kind of posts aren’t what I usually do. Whatever, I’ll have a real post later today or tomorrow.


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