Atheism: A Growing or Dying Ideology?

Atheists are quick to congratulate themselves for their intellectual achievement of joining the worlds fastest growing ideology — the one that has simply cut through thousands of years of religious trends, and is now on its way to conquering the world, as the entire world undergoes a global shift towards skepticism and secularism…

Or is it?

In this world, you have two types of atheists: One that claims religion and Christianity is a dying tradition (which we saw was a statistically  false claim here), and one that claims their own movement is not only growing, but is on a ways to literally inheriting the world. We shall now examine the following topics in defined order;

  1. Is the non-religious population growing?
  2. Will the non-religious simply die off?

Let us begin.

1. Is the non-religious population growing?

The answer is, at the very moment, frighteningly slowly, however this growth will be, in the next few decades, ensued by a simple eventual death of the non-religious.

The truth is, in 2010, there are about 1,100,000,000 people adhering to no religion. According to Pew Research — this will increase by about 100,000,000 from 2010 to 2050, and the global population adhering to non-religion will have around 1,200,000,000 followers.

Now, why is this laughable?

This is because although 100,000,000 seems like a big number, that’s almost nothing. Pew Research also predicts that between 2010 and 2050, the global population will overall increase by more than 2,000,000,000 (or 2 billion) people. This means that although the non-religious currently make up about 16.4% of the world population, or about 1 in 6 people in the world, their growth will only account for 1 in 20 of the growth of the worlds population. This is considerably less than the growth Islam and Christianity will undergo — both Islam and Christianity are projected to grow extraordinarily faster than the non-religious global population, both religions may each get about a billion more followers each by the year 2050. In fact, here’s another fact to account for. The non-religious are currently the third biggest group in the world. The biggest group is Christianity, with perhaps 2,300,000,000 followers right now, the second biggest group is Islam, with about 1,700,000,000 followers, and then come the non-religious with 1,100,000,000 today. However, even though they make up the third biggest group today, they will make up the fourth biggest group by 2050. Why?


The Hindu religion currently has around 1,000,000,000 (or a billion) followers, and that will increase to 1,400,000,000 followers by 2050 — or a growth of about 400,000,000 people, which means that Hinduism, that Indian thing very little of us in the West think about, is growing 4 times faster than the non-religious population, and yet, is still is growing very slow in comparison to Islam or Christianity.

This means that on the global level, the non-religious fad will get even more irrelevant. The fact is, atheists tend to cherry pick Western countries where this group is growing, like Australia or the United Kingdom or Canada, ignoring the rest of the world, where it is overall dying. That leads us to the following…

2. Will the non-religious simply die off?

Oooooh boy.

Eventually, in all probability the answer is yes.

We’ve already discussed that although the people practicing no religion (non-religious) are only going to account for 1/20 of the growth of the population, even though it makes up 1/6 of the world population. That means, statistically speaking, it will have its share of the global population decline significantly. In fact, although these people account for 16.4% of the world population today, that will only be 13.2% of the world population in 2050. They will make up just over 1 in 8 people by 2050. After 2050, it simply gets worse. By the year 2100, this percentage will drop to around 9% of the global population, or about 1 in 11 people.

In other words, from now until the end of the century, the non-religious will go from making up 16.4% of the world population and about 1 in 6 people, to around 9% of the world population and about 1 in 11 people. This significant decline is frightening for the non-religious, but something that I take delight in.

Now, we’ve already gone over how the global non-religious will increase by 100,000,000 or so by 2050. But what about after 2050? This is where it gets juicier. After 2050, their numbers will start declining, as Christianity and Islam both undergo continuous major growth. Why are they going to begin declining? Very simple, babies. The non-religious have an extremely low fertility rate, and thus they do not reproduce enough in order to grow — they reproduce so little their numbers will disappear. Let’s examine the baby and fertility rate department of the non-religious, and how it will contribute to the death of the non-religious.

Today, in the world, the second biggest non-religious country on Earth is Japan — which means that only one country in the world (China) has more non-religious than Japan does. Japan’s population is currently about 126,000,000, and about 57% of these people adhere to no religion. This means that Japan contributes 72,000,000 to the non-religious population. Now, Japan also just so happens to have one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, with the country clocking in at 1.41 children per women (you need about 2.1 to maintain a stable population, not growing or shrinking). The fertility rate of Japan is so low, that by the year 2100, the population of Japan will shockingly decline from 126,000,000 to a diminished 83,000,000 (according to a major released study in 2050 by the United Nations Population Division). So, assuming that the non-religious population of Japan grows all the way to 75% of the Japanese population by 2100 from 57% now (which is gracious to say the least), there will only be around 62,000,000 Japanese without any religion — a decline of about 10,0000,000 adherents to the global non-religious population. Now that we’ve seen Japan, let’s take a look at the biggest shareholder in no religion, China. Out of the 1,100,000,000 people without any religion in the world, more than half of them (700,000,000) live in China). Unfortunately for the non-religious, China also has an extraordinarily low fertility rate, with each women having about 1.56 children on average. China’s population is currently around 1,400,000,000 right now, and will be around the same by 2050, but between 2050-2100, the same United Nations study we referenced a second ago estimates that the Chinese population will decline by hundreds of millions, to about 1,000,000,000 people, meaning that the population will decline by about 400,000,000 people. Now, because about half of the Chinese population has no religion (52.2%), and that number is not expected to increase at all (rather decrease slightly), we will assume about half of the lost people of China by 2050 (200 million) will be directly declining from the non-religious sector of the population — meaning that China alone will result in a global decline of the non-religious population of 200 million people. That is insanely high in relation to the overall number of non-religious people that will even exist by 2050. Europe is the third biggest holder of the non-religious, and just as you guessed, the fertility rate in Europe is also… Very low (at about 1.6 kids per women). From today to 2100, the European population, even accounting for immigration, will have its population decline by 100,000,000 people.

In other words, it cannot be estimated by exactly how much, but the non-religious will very likely have less people then they do today by the year 2100. The world population will overall increase by as much as four billion, and yet the non-religious will only decline. Once people in the West finally stop joining its delusional forces (which has already happened in the United Kingdom), its death will become even more imminent.

In conclusion, Atheism is simply dying. Tell your friends who deny this otherwise.


32 thoughts on “Atheism: A Growing or Dying Ideology?

  1. This is simply laughable. You have no evidence to support your claims. Further to this, you are correct, science was born of religion (not just christianity) and rapidly superseded it when many of religion’s answers were swiftly debunked by scientific research. If you’re scared, that’s ok. But to say that Atheism/secularism will die out is to be intellectually dishonest.


    • “You have no evidence”

      ROTFL. You are butthurt and incapable of accepting reality, I gave references to all the major studies I used to show the collapse of the garbage of atheism. Why are you ignoring census data and demographic projections to maintain your delusion?


      • “And yet you still posit no evidence”


        I have ALREADY cited countless studies regarding the statistics in my post. Like it or not, atheism is a dying cause. If you actually decided to look at these studies instead of projecting your own nonsense, you’d specifically figure out that atheists have a VERY low fertility rate, and thus hardly reproduce, and so their populations decline rapidly where there aren’t enough conversions (as in everywhere except for the west, and that “everywhere” is where the vast majority of their population lies).


      • “There was no evidence, merely supposition”

        Your insane levels of stupidity make it INCOMPREHENSIBLE for you to actually scroll up and click on the studies I linked to, LOL. I clicked on your page and found you were an atheist, meaning you’re also very likely insane and simply UNABLE to even consider that your worldview is less than the divine dominator of the world, LOL. It must be almost emotional for you to have read this page and found out you’re part of a dying breed :’)


      • It’s also quite funny to watch you squirm about with fake facts regarding Atheism. It’s not dying out. On the contrary, religions are receding into ever smaller pockets of influence in our lifetimes. It’s a wonderful thing to watch.


      • LOL! I now understand just how hard it is for a specimen to accept the fact that they are part of a dying breed! If I could hear the sound of the dodo before it went extinct, I believe your comments would accurately reflect it LOL


      • For a scientist, you’re quite dense. You see, rational thought isn’t a genetic trait. Atheism can be introduced in many ways, and it can be introduced to make y indoctrinated children as a side alternative to imaginary friends. For example, I’m a teacher. I teach all sorts of things and answer all sorts of questions. There is also social media, meetings, rallies etc. So, I understand that the increase of secular thought frightens you to your very core, but it doesn’t have to. Why not try getting an education, instead of pretending that you have one. I wish you the very best of luck, sir.

        Liked by 1 person

    • //This is simply laughable.//

      So are your attempts to deny the evidence presented and so is your claim: “I’m a teacher. I teach all sorts of things and answer all sorts of questions.” LOL

      //If you’re scared, that’s ok.//

      why should we be scared? WE ARE GROOOOWING. The only one scared here is you.
      Of cooourse you are distressed and we can clearly see the emotional trauma that motivated you type such moronic comments.
      I can also see you mourning and lamenting over the inevitable death of your declining group.

      //But to say that Atheism/secularism will die out is to be intellectually dishonest.//

      Intellectual dishonesty is discrediting evidence just because it doesn’t fits your bias and you are the textbook example of it.
      You are repeating “no evidence” even when statistics has been presented before you.
      We know this New atheistic pattern of behaviour on the Internet.
      It is something like this:
      1.Demand evidence.
      2.when evidence is presented,claim that it is not evidence without explaining why.
      3.If asked about the reasons for discrediting the evidence,ridicule and mock.
      4.Demand evidence.

      You New atheists are the most dishonest people on the planet.


  2. Demographics are certainly on the side of the religious, assuming the conspiritards are wrong and the New World Order doesn’t sterilize or murder most of us. I would argue that atheism is not really a movement. Naturalism is, but it is only a tiny slice of the non-religious.


    • I’m pretty sure naturalism is much more than a “tiny slice” of the non-religious when naturalism is the view that there simply does not exist the supernatural. I’d say it makes up at LEEAAAAST a third of all the non-religious.


  3. So basically, you don’t care what religion rules the roost? Would you rather support a completely differing religion over atheism? It seems like atheism bothers you more than another belief system…


    • No, Christianity should definitely rule the roost. However, over Atheism, I would take buddhism, hinduism, zoroastrianism, african and chinese traditional religions, any various others. Atheism is quite cancerous to say the least. If you are an Atheist, after reading this post, you should definitely realize that you’re on a sinking ship and you should jump out before it’s too late.


      • You seem very scared about a Godless universe, I have actually linked this into my new post. I cannot tell if you are a troll or not with such empty logic…


      • “You seem very scared about a Godless universe”

        AHAH LOL. This is of course a nonsense assertion, and is utterly based on the idea that I find numerous religions to be better than atheism.

        The only point for the creation of this post was to show Atheism was on the statistical decline, contrary to the wackos who claim it is taking over the world. Before this post, I actually wrote one regarding how Christianity is, despite once again the claims of the Atheists, a rising religion. You claim I have “empty logic” based on nothing more then, what is most likely an emotional response to the fact that you’re on a sinking ship and you just don’t want to jump out. You should see some of the other posts on my site, I have already given a quite substantial case for Christianity and I have debunked some many claims against it.


      • The fact that you have to give a case for Christianity shows God isn’t there to do so himself. Plus your quote that countries such as Australia, Canada and the U.K. are largely unreligious, would you also consider them ‘cancerous’ societies?


      • “shows God isn’t there to do so himself”

        You mean like when He Himself rose Jesus from the dead as evidence for all of us?

        Acts 17:31: For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the Man He has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising Him from the dead.”


        Might I note to you the OVERWHELMING historical case for the Resurrection of Jesus?

        By the way, regarding your thing about the ‘first world countries’ being the non-religious one, I will eventually make a post (I have no idea when, my next one is going to be regarding the Biblical shape of the Earth) that will explain EXACTLY why this is going on. Australia, Canada, and the U.K. are not cancerous societies because THEY WERE BUILT BY CHRISTIANS. LOL! The relative lack and decline of Christianity is only a recent thing that should give out in coming decades.


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