NEW ARCHAEOLOGY discovery confirms the Bible (again)

TRULY INCREDIBLE, yet another major archaeological discovery was made, confirming yet another Biblical narrative that the skeptics repeatedly attempted to attack as non-historical. Imagine the shock on their faces when this came out about six days ago…

Egyptian stone slab

LETTER STONE  Inscriptions in stone slabs from Egypt, including this specimen dating to almost 3,500 years ago, contain the world’s oldest alphabet, which one researcher now argues was an early form of Hebrew.  New translations of these inscriptions contain references to figures from the Bible, including Moses.

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED? Click here to get the story on it, or just continue reading. What happened was that some researchers found the OLDEST CONFIRMED ALPHABET in history (but that’s not the good part), some slabs like the picture above dating 3,500 years old, and most as early as 3,800 years old. Before this, the oldest verified alphabet was Phoenician alphabet, only about 3,050 years old…

Anyways, this alphabet was proto-Hebrew, according to Douglas Petrovich, a top scholar who made the find. When I say proto-Hebrew, that basically means it was an older version of the modern Hebrew language (as languages do question change). Here’s the crazy part — it was found in Egypt. Do you remember the exodus from the Old Testament? According to the Bible, the Hebrews came to Egypt (Joseph was sold there in slavery), and after several hundred years, after the Egyptians begun enslaving the Hebrews, descendants of Abraham. Moses rescued them from the tyranny of pharaoh and they crossed the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds?) and settled in Israel, a land promised to Abraham by God (Genesis 15:18-21). Many archaeologists who deny the exodus happened, deny that Hebrews ever lived in Egypt because there was “no evidence” of such a massive amount of Hebrews (there must have been maybe over two million when Moses brought them out of the land of Egypt) living in Egypt. This claim was just shot down by this discovery, showing there were definitely Hebrews in Egypt. This discovery also helped provide great, great evidence for the exodus in general. Which is fantastic.

Every year, more and more archaeological verification of the Bible comes out, and soon the opponents of Christianity will have no legs to stand on. Hallelujah!


10 thoughts on “NEW ARCHAEOLOGY discovery confirms the Bible (again)

    • It’s not yet published, that’s why. The book is written but is going to be published in the next few months. I’ve seen a lot of hype by many academics, and reading Petrovich’s responses to some of his critiques shows he probably has a grand case going. If Petrovich’s arguments stand strong to scrutiny, which seems very likely to me, BAR will almost certainly have an article on it.


    • Dang right it is. Make sure to watch for Douglas Petrovich’s new book that’s coming out soon. He was the guy who made this discovery and verified that the entire city of Avaris was entirely abandoned during the rule of the pharaoh of Moses, Amenhotep II. His book will truly show the exodus is fact.

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