The year 2016 ended not too long ago, and truly was another great year for science. Thorough advances have been made in all fields of science, except for the one where scientists attempt to figure out how life could have naturally originated on Earth from non-living material (abiogenesis). Some of these discoveries are truly shocking, such as the discovery of a new galaxy that is comprised nearly 100% of dark matter, and  another interesting finding was that catfish (a type of blind fish, just to note) can actually climb up walls. But of course, some discoveries always get a pseudoscientific spin put on them, such as the following one we will discuss in a second.

Multicelluar life qualifies as perhaps some of the most complex structures existing in the universe, something so complex that natural processes simply cannot account for its existence and development. Secularists on the other hand, wish to deny these claims in order to maintain their worldviews, and they have been looking for a while now in order to come up with an answer as to how multicelluar life could have possibly originated. Speaking of the people who do not believe God created multicellular life, one of these men go by the name of Joe Thorton. Joe is a professor of ecology and also has his very own PhD, so he is an intelligent man without a doubt. In early 2016, he published his finding of an 800,000,000 year old mutation (hold on to the 800,000,000 year dating part for now) which he says brought about the development of multicellular life on Earth. Here is Joe Thorton’s very own sum-up of the data that he has compiled;

“Our experiments show how biological complexity can evolve though simple, high-probability genetic paths… Before the last common ancestor of all animals, when only single-celled organisms existed on Earth, just one tiny change in DNA sequence caused a protein to switch from its primordial role as an enzyme to a new function that became essential to organize multicellular structures.”

The entire thing is pretty complex, but basically draws down to how the GK-PID protein brought about a specific mutation that eventually lead the development from unicellular life into multicellular life. This man truly does not believe that God has made multicellular life, and his ideologies seem to have had a good push in 2016. Or have they? 2016 was a great year full of very interesting scientific discoveries, and our friend here Joe Thorton probably was a bit unprepared for a finding that came about just a few months later into the future.

A few months later in April, several Chinese paleontologists made a stunning finding to say the very least. It was a discovery that found multicellular life that is 1,560,000,000 years old which was published into the journal Nature. This finding pushed back when scientists first believe multicelluar life existed on Earth, and trampled Thorton’s findings. It’s hard to believe that a mutation that occurred 800,000,000 years ago brought about multicellular life, if multicellular life had already been present here on Earth nearly a billion years preceding it.

The evidence shall continue to pile on, however. Several years ago in 2010, a finding that was also published to Nature found that there was a likely candidate for multicellular life that is even earlier than the above finding. Indeed, several scientists discovered potential animal multicellular life that dates over 2,100,000,000 years old, which means we have two major examples of multicellular life that predates Thorton’s mutation by a drastic amount of time. There is one more example to mention though, and this finding came in 2009. You may have predicted this already, but this finding was also published into Nature and found demosponges that date to 635,000,000 years old. Now, this does post-date the 800,000,000 year old mutation that Thorton speaks about, but there is something very important to note about this finding, which Gordon D. Love, a professor from the University of California, explains very nicely.

“The fact that we can detect sponge steranes at all suggests that by the Cryogenian Period [about 850 to 635 million years ago] demosponges were ecologically prominent and there were abundant demosponges living on the shallow sea floor…”

In other words, the mere traces of multicellular demosponges that go back over 635,000,000 million years old, shows that they maintained ecological prominence throughout a period of time (the Cryogenian Period, as noted above) that goes back over 850,000,000 years, effectively predating Thorton’s mutation. You’ll realize that almost all the scientific discoveries I noted here are very recent, and this shows that the progression of science continually helps to invalidate naturalism. Indeed, it seems to me that only God is the true creator of all life on Earth, both unicellular and multicellular.