….Even more historical confirmation of the Bible

Every now and then I report on another round of historical discoveries pretty much proving and establishing the Bible and several of its narratives. So, here’s yet another one! Even better, all the references I will give here are discoveries that came in the last two years alone.

Up until a few months ago, archaeologists considered the Bible’s narrative on Solomon’s enormous wealth completely exaggerated, and the amount of possessions he had. This was a major historical controversy, and considered a great challenge to the known historicity of the narrative of Solomon’s wealth found in the Bible. This was because that, although there is abundant evidence of mining, copper smelting and metalwork in the 5th century BC, there was hardly any before this, let alone as early as the 10th century BC, the reign of Solomon. This claim came to a halting crash just last month, in January of 2017.

A paper reported the newfound discovery of extensive copper smelting, metalwork and mining exactly in the 10th century BC, in the Timna Valley of Israel. Indeed, these mines were likely Solomon’s mines himself. And indeed, upon their discovery it showed that the wealth of Solomon was something that was not at all being exaggerated. Indeed, the biblical narrative had been established.

In Luke 1:63, we are told that people wrote on tablets. Then, a few months ago, in June of 2016, hundreds of ancient tablets were found, many dating to the first century — confirming Luke 1:63 does in fact reflect an accurate historical representation of the culture of the time, and the ‘technology’ available.

Another ground-breaking discovery made last year (2016). Skeptics use to claim that Galilean synagogues didn’t exist in Israel (and Jerusalem) before the Roman-Jewish War of 70 AD, and so when the Gospels keep telling us Jesus would be preaching in Galilean synagogues (synagogues in Galilee), it was obviously reflecting later writing and a historical error! I have in fact come across one of these myself in a conversation. That is, until a ground-breaking discovery was made last year, discovering a first century Galilean synagogue that dates to about 64 AD, confirming the existence of Galilean synagogues before the Roman-Jewish War of 70 AD, and confirming the very synagogues that Jesus stood and taught in before the Jews.

All of this goes to crushing lengths to establishing the grandeur historicity of the Bible, time and time again heavily defeating the accusations of the unbelievers. It’s rather sad to see them running out of accusations at such a stunning pace, all three of these discoveries were made in a span of less than one year throughout! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY, FOR HIS WORDS ARE HOLY!!!

2 Timothy 3:16-17: All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.


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