If someone has a history with YouTube, they probably know about the channel ASAPScience. With over 6,000,000 subscribers and many short, well-put together scientific videos explaining simple topics, it’s almost inevitable you’ve come across one of their videos before. Three days ago, they posted a rather very nice video titled Can Math Prove The Existence Of God? that simply must be watched by any theist.

Well-put together, and explains the easy inferiority of atheism, the view that there is no God, to theism, the view that there is a God. Indeed, the argument is very simple and easy to follow:

  1. If God does not exist, humans developing is very unlikely
  2. Humans did develop
  3. Therefore God not existing is very unlikely

Indeed, the premises are correct and thus the conclusion inevitably follows. The only problem with the video, of course, is when the go on about the “illusion/virtual reality” as somehow having a higher probability then the existence of God, however of course, the creation of a virtual reality by humans presupposes humans to begin with, and so we’re right back at the beginning point — No god V.S. God. And of course, God wins. It should be noted, based on specific religions (like Christianity), the probability of humans developing is 1/1. So math seems to show the existence of God.