Hey! Thanks to everybody so much who decided to follow this blog and keep up with my updates. Over the past several months, I’ve written mostly articles on defending God, Christianity and the Bible (and a few other things in between), and I’m so glad to see that a hundred people decided to join me in what I write about.

This is simply me saying thanks.. So thanks!

We hit 100 followers!




8 thoughts on “100 followers!

  1. Excellent blog! BTW, you and I are both witnessing to “converttheatheist.wordpress.com”. Would love to give you the back story…it’s quite a back story too! How can I get in touch?


    • Thanks! It looks like I’ve already made converttheatheist concede the existence of a historical Jesus. As for getting in touch, is there any problem with posting this information to your responses on the comment section of my posts here?


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